Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Funday! It's Pumpkin Time!

Autumn in Baltimore is all about fall festivals, hay rides, corn mazes and picking your own pumpkins which for us means a trip to Rodger's Farm!

Every year the kids look forward to the corn maze and now that they are older they can take the lead. This year's maze is all about one of Maryland favorite sports. Take a guess?

Giddy Up!
Corn Maze
Nice looking pumpkins
Ready to go

For the past few years I have gotten away with painting pumpkins to avoid what I thought it was a terribly messy craft or I had someone else help with carving.  This year, I actually carved the pumpkins and it was fun!  Thanks to Katie who helped me with the designs the pumpkins turned out great!  Here they are!

...and of course, I have a monogrammed pumpkin! 

Until next year!

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