Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple Solutions ~ Hall Closet

This past weekend, I finally conquered a major task on my to-do list and organized our hall closet. Now it's all done! My kids can actually open the door, find their gloves and hats all on their own. We no longer have to search for items thrown on the floor.

This has made it so much easier, especially on those days when we are running out the door, we can now find what we need and quick. No more bickering about keeping warm.

Each one of us now has his/ her own pocket for hats and gloves
I bought a shoe organizer, moved the wooden hooks to the top of the door
and added more hooks for the scarves inside the closet
This is what the closet looked like before... 
gloves, hats, everything was thrown on the floor
Now this feels so much better!

Once the weather gets warmer, I am planning to store everything from the door and replace it with summer hats, suntan lotion, or anything that we may need handy for sunny days like today!

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