Monday, February 20, 2012

Locked Out! Really?

I never thought this could happen to us, but yesterday we closed the door assuming that one of us had the keys... and we were locked out!  I guess, if you don't take preventative measures for getting locked out, it could happen when you least expect it and it could be very costly!

Do not leave your keys behind!

1. We tried every entrance, but all the doors were locked, which is great, but not in this situation!

2. We tried to remain calm, it was hard when we were outside with two kids, it was getting cold, and our neighbors were out of town

3. We called a locksmith near our house and we got help within 25 minutes

The moral of the story, make sure that you have your keys with you before closing the doors AND make sure that your parents or siblings have a spare key to your house. It's quite expensive to hire a locksmith to open your door in less than 5 minutes!

1 comment:

Roxana said...

Oh, no!!! I hope you were all bundled up nicely. Of course, the great ideas usually come up after an incident. Gladly, everything turned out fine!

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