Monday, January 23, 2012

Playroom Subway Art

We got some snow in Maryland this weekend!  Although my kids enjoyed playing outside for hours, we also spent a lot time in the playroom.  So, we reorganized the room, put some toys away and made room for the new ones they got for Christmas.

While cleaning up I wanted to put a message/art to remind my kids of the rules while playing here... so I found this great subway art that was easy to download and print on a 8x10 photo paper.

I love the colors... it pretty much goes with every toy my kids have :)
You can download this from Anything but Perfect's blog.  Thanks!

How did you enjoy this snowy weekend?

1 comment:

Roxana said...

LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing, I need one of those signs in our playroom too ;o)

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