Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Memory Jar

At the beginning of the year I came across an idea that was far too good not share, a Memory Jar!

When Ben was born, we used to keep a journal and write all the cute and funny things he said or did. However, now having two kids it's harder to keep up with the journal or it's never handy. The memory jar is perfect and we keep it in the kitchen so it's handy when we need to write down memories.
I bought this jar at Michael's for $2.99, printed a label with the year, tied a pretty ribbon around the neck and keep a pen inside, just in case we can't find any around the kitchen when we need one!

I should thank Inchmark's blog for this great idea, she calls it "Magical Thinking."  We are going to have so much fun at the end of the year when we reach into the memory jar and read all the fun things that we recorded throughout the year.

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