Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Magical Time

It's seems like yesterday when we took Ben to Disney for his 5th Birthday.  During his birthday celebration in Disney, my niece joined us and helped us celebrate.  We had breakfast with Mickey, and of course, they wore their Mickey and Minnie shirts!

We recently received an order for these shirts from a client that made me remember this special occasion. She ordered shirts for her kids and later in the week she e-mailed me inquiring about adult t shirts.  I thought, what a great idea!  I was concerned about the size of the applique being too small, but my motto has always been "less is more" and she agreed with it!

Happy as they could be!
Strolling in Hollywood Studios
Luau dinner!

These are the shirts that my client ordered for her little ones, mom and grandmothers.  I can't wait to see pictures of the whole family wearing them!

I am sure they will have a Magical time in Disney!

Are you planning a trip to Disney anytime soon?  Don't forget to order your Mickey and Minnie shirts for those family photos!

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