Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fitness Challenge

New Year, New Me! It is so refreshing to have a New Year and a clean start. I don't usually make New Year’s resolutions as I tend to break them within a few weeks. However, this year I am ready for a challenge.

My aunt asked me to do a Fitness Challenge with her. My first thought was "I don't have time," but then I realized I make time for everything else, why not do this with her and make positive lifestyle change.

I am tired of looking in my closet and not being able to fit into my nice clothes.  Also, I cannot longer use the excuse of "I just had a baby" as Emma will be three this Summer. 

The Fitness Challenge is a 10-week weight loss program designed for people who want to lose 15 pounds or more. Our instructors are awesome and keep us motivated.  Last night was our second week and so far I have lost 2.5% of my weight, not bad at all. This has become our version of the Biggest Looser and I highly recommend it!

I'll keep you posted and see how things go.

1 comment:

Roxana said...

Congrats to the first step ... making time for YOU!!! Can't wait to hear the results ;o)

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