Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Memory Jar

At the beginning of the year I came across an idea that was far too good not share, a Memory Jar!

When Ben was born, we used to keep a journal and write all the cute and funny things he said or did. However, now having two kids it's harder to keep up with the journal or it's never handy. The memory jar is perfect and we keep it in the kitchen so it's handy when we need to write down memories.
I bought this jar at Michael's for $2.99, printed a label with the year, tied a pretty ribbon around the neck and keep a pen inside, just in case we can't find any around the kitchen when we need one!

I should thank Inchmark's blog for this great idea, she calls it "Magical Thinking."  We are going to have so much fun at the end of the year when we reach into the memory jar and read all the fun things that we recorded throughout the year.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Little Taste of Spring

A Little Taste of Spring

I am planning for the new seasons and what my kids are going to wear. How about this outfit assemble? I love Vineyard Vines clothing for my son and, of course, accessorize with Patty’s Collection!

I love to think about Spring and Summer. I am sure, most of you have already finished with your winter shopping and if you're thinking like I am, don’t forget to check Patty’s Collection website for new apparel and accessories!

Beginning today, Patty's Collection is having a sale. Use code BELT25 and enjoy 25% off on all our belts!
You can choose from new designs or create your own.

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Progressive Dinner Update

Last night we had out first progressive dinner.  What a great way to meet everyone in your neighborhood and where each course is served at a different house.  Our report from last night was an A+, we are fortunate to be surrounded by great people.

We hosted dinner for eight people.  Here are some pictures:

On the menu: "Boliche" or Cuban Pot Roast
We are wine lovers and have been saving our corks for a while.  
I found this idea on Two Twenty One's  blog
I took pictures while setting up the table, but I forgot to take pictures of our meal!

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabric for Kitchen Valance

It's here, it finally arrived last night!  I saw this fabric on 320 Sycamore's blog and loved it.  We got several fabric samples before, but we couldn't agreed with any.

Thanks Melissa for providing the information for the fabric.  It took a while to get it as it seems to be a very desirable pattern.  I can't wait to start making the valance for the kitchen and I will make sure to post the before and after pictures once finished.

Better Homes & Gardens Jayda Bramble

Another project to add to my list and this time I'll get to use Patty's Collection new sewing machine!

Taming the Tresses

Today, it's not a good hair day!

I have thick wavy hair. Some days I love it, but most of the time I wish I had straight hair. Three out of seven days my hair is usually pulled back into a bun.

On the days that Emma wakes up late, I do my hair. The best thing is that moms do notice at pick-up time! I am all about saving time and as most moms I don't have a lot of it to spare, so these tools have made the difference for me.

1. Hair Dryer  2. Ceramic Flat Iron  3. Wooden Brush 

Are you having a good hair day today?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fitness Challenge

New Year, New Me! It is so refreshing to have a New Year and a clean start. I don't usually make New Year’s resolutions as I tend to break them within a few weeks. However, this year I am ready for a challenge.

My aunt asked me to do a Fitness Challenge with her. My first thought was "I don't have time," but then I realized I make time for everything else, why not do this with her and make positive lifestyle change.

I am tired of looking in my closet and not being able to fit into my nice clothes.  Also, I cannot longer use the excuse of "I just had a baby" as Emma will be three this Summer. 

The Fitness Challenge is a 10-week weight loss program designed for people who want to lose 15 pounds or more. Our instructors are awesome and keep us motivated.  Last night was our second week and so far I have lost 2.5% of my weight, not bad at all. This has become our version of the Biggest Looser and I highly recommend it!

I'll keep you posted and see how things go.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Magical Time

It's seems like yesterday when we took Ben to Disney for his 5th Birthday.  During his birthday celebration in Disney, my niece joined us and helped us celebrate.  We had breakfast with Mickey, and of course, they wore their Mickey and Minnie shirts!

We recently received an order for these shirts from a client that made me remember this special occasion. She ordered shirts for her kids and later in the week she e-mailed me inquiring about adult t shirts.  I thought, what a great idea!  I was concerned about the size of the applique being too small, but my motto has always been "less is more" and she agreed with it!

Happy as they could be!
Strolling in Hollywood Studios
Luau dinner!

These are the shirts that my client ordered for her little ones, mom and grandmothers.  I can't wait to see pictures of the whole family wearing them!

I am sure they will have a Magical time in Disney!

Are you planning a trip to Disney anytime soon?  Don't forget to order your Mickey and Minnie shirts for those family photos!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Playroom Subway Art

We got some snow in Maryland this weekend!  Although my kids enjoyed playing outside for hours, we also spent a lot time in the playroom.  So, we reorganized the room, put some toys away and made room for the new ones they got for Christmas.

While cleaning up I wanted to put a message/art to remind my kids of the rules while playing here... so I found this great subway art that was easy to download and print on a 8x10 photo paper.

I love the colors... it pretty much goes with every toy my kids have :)
You can download this from Anything but Perfect's blog.  Thanks!

How did you enjoy this snowy weekend?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Snow of 2012

A truly beautiful picture. This is our first snow for the New Year here in Maryland and my kids are loving it!
Perfect snow for sledding
Ben working those muscles
Fun, Fun, Fun!

They are still playing outside. I am back inside drinking my hot coffee and waiting for the guys to clean our driveway so we can go out!

I hope you're enjoying the weather today!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Simple Solutions ~ Jewelry Organizer

It's hard to enjoy your accessories when they're in a tangled in a drawer or a box.   I keep my nice jewelry in my dresser drawers organizer, but I had to find a practical place for my necklaces.  The solution was my closet... this is where they are now.

I have these on each side of my closet

I didn't want to use or spend money on any fancy boxes, frames or boards, I just used these simple cup hooks that I bought at Lowes and screwed them on my wall.
How do you keep you necklaces organized?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday!

I saw this on Crafty, Scrappy, Happy this weekend and loved it, so I thought sharing this on my blog for those that have not seen it yet.

Have a great week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Milk Glass

We finished taking all the Christmas decorations down and I was looking for something to replace the kitchen decorations.  While I was putting boxes back I found these great antique milk glass items.   These were Jason's grandmother's and they have a sentimental value.

I used some flowers and votive candles to accent the pieces
This is what this corner looks like now

According to Wikipedia, milk glasses were first made in Venice in the 16th century, colors include blue, pink, yellow, brown, black, and white. 19th-century glass makers called milky white opaque glass "opal glass". The name milk glass is relatively recent.

These days, milk glass still remains a popular collectible for around the home. Although it is not as expensive as porcelain, I think it makes a beautiful alternative for all sorts of decorations and decor items.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dresser Drawer Makeover

While at Bed Bath and Beyond one day, I spotted these stackable jewelry trays and a light bulb lit up.  I decided to make the top of my dresser drawers into my jewelry organizers. 
This is what the top two of my dresses drawers looked like... everything that I didn't want on top of the dresser went inside, it was more like a junk drawer...

I don't own a lot of jewelry, but when when I need to accessorize, it's so much easier to find what I need.  It only took about an hour to organize.

Next time, I will show you what I did with my necklaces.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Got Purple?

The Ravens made it to the playoffs again!  Today is "Purple Friday" in Maryland. Purple fever will take over everywhere in anticipation for Sunday's game.  Yes, we are wearing purple today and I have a feeling we'll be wearing purple next Friday.  Go Ravens!

Are you wearing purple today?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our First Progressive Dinner Party

In case you are wondering "What is a progressive dinner party?" It is a party where each successive course is eaten at a different host's house ~ the guests progress from house to house. Therefore, the name progressive dinner party.

Since we moved to our new home, we have been invited to several social activities in the neighborhood. We have not been able to make it to all of them, but the invitations keep coming!

For our first Progressive Dinner Party, we are hosting dinner for four couples. Call us brave!  We'll start at the first house with appetizers, then the guests will come to our house for dinner, then we'll be going to the next house for dessert, sounds like fun to me!

What's on the menu?  We're planning to make Boliche also known as Cuban Pot Roast. We can prepare it in advance so we don't have to stress the same day and we can actually relax and enjoy hosting.
And, we'll be following the recipe from one of favorite Cuban cook books... Memories of a Cuban Kitchen!

I'll let you know how our dinner goes!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Applique Designs

Are you looking for fun and stylish Valentine's Day T shirts for kids? Patty's Collection just added new designs for Valentine's Day! Our cute t shirts are perfect for Valentine’s Day parties, photos and just to wear on February 14th. What we love about the designs we have selected is that our t shirts can be worn not only on Valentine's day, but also any day during the year.

Don't forget to visit our Website to check all our designs and get yours today!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kids Bathrobes!

Finally, I finished monogramming my kids new bathrobes. One of my good clients inquired about hooded terry velour bathrobes, so here they are!  I made several of these before the holidays, but I never had a chance to finish the ones for my kids.  I can't wait to use them tonight after their bath!  These are so soft, warm and cozy that I want to make one for myself.

This is just another example of GREAT ideas from clients!

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