Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preppy Pony Tail Holders

I am sure you've seen these before and thought "where can I buy those?" As of today, Patty's Collection will be adding these super cute monogrammed pony tail holders to our Collection.

In between finishing Christmas orders last night, I was thinking about new hair accessories for my niece and made these four for her!  I think she will love them!  She's my best model and loves everything I make for her.

I will be adding these new designs to our website and create the option "Design Your Own."  I have gotten positive feedback about this feature on our website, so we will continue to use it.  Thanks!

This morning, Emma decided to wear it on her wrist! I guess you can use them as bracelets as well!

1 comment:

Beth Dunn said...

Cute, cute cute!

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