Saturday, September 10, 2011

Step by Step...

I know some of you wonder, how does Patty make all these cute outfits? so I thought sharing some of the steps that it takes to make one adorable t-shirt. For this exercise, I used one of the designs that I was working on last week. I get the materials, fabrics, garment, thread, stabilizer, and my embroidery machine ready.  First, I create the files on the computer and then transfer the designs into a disk to use on my embroidery machine.

I find the center of the garment, place the stabilizer and
fabric on the hoop, tack down the stitch, and then trim
Once the trim is done, the machine will stitch all the different  color threads
I need to make sure that I get all the threads in order so I don't make the pumpkin green
I trim the extra threads and stabilizers on the back 
Viola!  The applique is done. These are some of the final garments

I truly enjoy making each garment and experimenting with different colors of thread and fabric for each design.  

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