Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to my World, Part I

Finally! Patty’s Collection new studio is ready!

When it comes to sewing, the expression “A place for everything and everything in its place" is certainly true. Setting up and putting away every time I want to sew uses precious time that could be better spent sewing, embroidering or creating new accessories. So, I knew from the beginning that my main needs were lots of organized storage space.

Now, I have a space where it is fun and relaxing to plan and create new things for my Collection. I realized that it is the little things that make my sewing space my own.
My computer and TV side-by-side. They are my best friends when working
The lack of artwork... I am still working on my bulletin board
My work space
Sew... Create!
I keep my sewing supplies in a square glass container... the flower is just a touch
I love organizing and the joy that it brings me when 
everything is in its place is great!.. I still need to do 
some labeling
More storage... and display area
My fabrics... this is the "Pink and Green" section only

I do hope you enjoyed the tour of my new studio. More pictures to come as I keep making changes!

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