Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello! I've been away with my family in our annual family vacation. There is nothing like a vacation to get you recharged and refreshed. We spent 10 days at the beach and I very much enjoyed the daily happy hours and family dinners, making sand pools and tunnels with the kids, spending hours in the water, celebrating my father's birthday, spending time with my sister, niece and baby nephew... Ben played miniature golf with his cousins and went to the water park... it was certainly a really nice vacation!

Beautiful Sunset
Our daily evening routine... going from one house to the other for dinner!
Emma and Baby Kenneth got to play together
Ben and Gabrielita at the water park
Just Dance Wii - Talk about having fun!
Sunset family photo ~ a tradition every year
Creating long lasting memories
The loves of my life!

This has been a great Summer and I got to do a lot with my kids, and we still have five more weeks of fun before Ben goes back to school!

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